Molturation, a key process to get a good EVOO

Did you Know that…?

Did you know that…?

Molturation is the term used for “grinding” or “crushing” olives to extract oil from them. This way, you break the olive flesh cells which contain its juice, in this case, for example, the EVOO.

At the beginning of harvest season, when olives are green, olive-containing cells are small, and therefore the size of the crushed product is thinner. When olives ripen, their cells turn bigger and the crushed product becomes thicker.

At present, we do it through a modern technological system that consists in a hammer mill and a centrifuging process that accelerates the process and guarantees hygiene and asepsis to obtain an optimum result.

Upon picking the olives, we clean any pollutants together with any possible stones or sticks. Later, the first step, called “molturation”, is made by using hammer mills. Here is where olives are shredded in the mill by crushing their structure. The batter so obtained goes to the beaters, where blades continuously rotate for 20 minutes to homogenize the batter and mix olive molecules. This crusher is controlled by water added through a smart system in order to control temperature and facilitate oil extraction.

This process takes place under high or lowtemperature, which has an impact on EVOO quality. The lower the temperature, the better the quality, as the olive’s organoleptic properties remain unaltered, but less oil is obtained. Reducing the temperature below 27º we obtain «cold extraction» extra virgin olive oil.

After this battering phase, we apply horizontal centrifugation to separate the liquid part (oil) from the solid one (olive skin, pit, water and some oil). This solid phase is the so-called “alpeorujo”, which is pitted at the factory to be taken later to olive pomace extractors.

The liquid phase obtained through horizontal centrifugation is then taken to a second vertical centrifugation that permits to separate oil from water. The oil obtained, before being stored in stainless steel tanks, passes through a decantation process in order to remove the largest amount of pollutants and solids and keep it longer and better.

Oil is stored in air-conditioned storehouses, protected from light and heat, waiting to be canned; that is how we produce our best RS Rafael Salgado EVOO.



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